Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Here it is, World

Welcome to ZCubes. As you can probably already tell, we do things a little differently around here. And we give you, the user, the ability to do the same.

ZCubes is many things. A browser, a graphics design application, a media provision platform, a social networking forum, and much, much more. In a nutshell, though, it is an entirely new way for people to experience the Internet. Are we biting off more than we can chew? Maybe. But we believe that we are onto something special and desperately want to share it with the world.

This blog is a place for some of the various people involved with creating and launching ZCubes to share their ideas, insights and opinions on ZCubes-related issues and a whole lot more. While some of the commentary will be specifically about ZCubes, we don't want the blog to be solely a platform for marketing. Instead, we intend to post on issues that interest us and are either directly or indirectly related to ZCubes.

We encourage you to take some time to look around and get a feel of what ZCubes is all about. Remember, this is only a start. We have big plans for the future and will be rolling out new functionality and enhancements at a torrid place. So, please check back often to see what we are up to. And, again, welcome...

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