Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Simplicity of ZCubes

"Simplicity is the key."

Browser is the simplest interface. Click/Drag-Drop/Copy-Paste. Even kids understand the browser interface.

There is only one model in ZCubes. ZCube is your Document Creator. Your Slide Presenter. Your Drawing. Your Games Arcade. Your News reader. Your browser.
Store and be done. Open it and View.
Just like a paper and pencil. As simple and flexible.

ZCubes is far simpler than having to think of learning multiple applications, launching them when need be, saving them in multiple formats, and spending hours converting and presenting through multiple viewers and applications.

Most important aspect is the high flexibility that the seamless integration gives you. The consumers of your information can also view the information in the way they want (for example to zoom into and resize pictures on your document - try to use Word or Powerpoint to do that!). This lets the creator of the information focus on content creation rather than trying to get to ONE presentation option that EVERYONE will need to accept.

Even if you were only doing one thing, ZCubes gives you more power than conventional applications. Just look at ZPaint, that can function as a whiteboard or a blackboard too! How many paint applications out there can even allow you to write with a pen with image stroke? How many browser applications can give you the function to open ten websites at once?
ZCubes is about "Integrating your Digital Life" - not scattering it.

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