Tuesday, December 19, 2006

You can also create Greeting Cards now.

We invite you to use the ZCubes platform and its wide range of features and flexibility to create amazing personalized greetings for your loved ones this holiday season. Unleash your creativity to combine Pictures/Videos/Paint and much more, and impress your friends and family with rich customized cards.

The Greeting Cards feature combines the ZPaint, Drag-Drop Images & Videos, Upload Functions, etc. You can also pick up and customize the greeting cards to suit your taste. Have a nice holiday season!

ZCubes Modes

Technical Philosophy

The core ZCubes platform is intended to seamlessly switch through modes that will enable the user to function in a specific aspect. ZGreetingCards is a new mode that enables you to create custom greetings, etc. In about a month, we will have more advanced ZAlbum, ZSlidePresentation, and ZGreetings functionality.

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