Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Integration is Key

Integration is key. ZCubes is the clay with which you mould your experiences. It does not matter if it is your browsing experiences, image experiences, audio experiences, video experiences, etc. When you want to express and idea, why have to choose 4 applications to achieve what you want? Just make one choice of ZCubes!

You can create complete webpages in ZCubes in
less than a minute! Drag-Drop all the way! You can play over 50 games in ZCubes. You can create a slide show or create your own documents in ZCubes (yes, and you can store it in your disk!).

Now why have to worry about a tiny choice between IE and FF? If you use the ZBrowser in ZCubes, you can navigate the web in ways you never thought possible.

1. Drag-Drop images from Google into your ZSpace. Resize and look at images in ways you could not with IE or FF.
2. Open multiple websites in one ZCube.
3. Drag-Drop Google Video/You Tube Video and see it in resolutions that you could not see before.
4. Find one image
(e.g., http://www.spacefacts.de/groups/photo/nasa-11.jpg)
and access
http://www.spacefacts.de/groups/photo/nasa-1.jpg to http://www.spacefacts.de/groups/photo/nasa-19.jpg
(19 pictures) through the Loop Pattern feature.
5. Make greeting cards and creative artwork in 3D. Use line-curve combinations and bezier curves. No Tablet-PC Required.
6. Make Powerpoint like-presentations with drag-drop ease.
7. Create special effects like Neon Lights, Halo, etc.
8. Write with an *image* as your pen stroke! Imagine that!

Firefox and IE are primarily HTML renderers, and their focus is on reading. ZCubes is on reading, writing, drawing and expressing yourself.

Let us turn a simple browser into a super application that does almost everything you can imagine. You are welcome to experience ZCubes. For free!

As an example, open the experience in IE and Firefox. IE shows some of the special effects, it looks ok in Mozilla too. The cool piece here is that the experience you create is dynamic for the end user (who can edit it and change it with equal ease and send it to someone else if need be).

This creates interactive pages (not static tablular pages you are familiar with). Try to move any picture in the given experience and you will see.

http://www.zcubes.com/zsamples will have more of these samples soon.


P.S. FF full-compatibility issues are because of features that Firefox lacks at this time, and will hopefully have it in the future (Inline SVG for example). Hopefully we will have more powerful version of Firefox soon. And we will make it as compatible with it as soon as we can.

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