Saturday, December 23, 2006

Manipulating URL's

ZBrowser is a unique aspect of ZCubes that beats every existing browser in terms of functionality. The core idea is that of user driven URL manipulation. Apart from the Drag-Drop & Copy/Paste simplicity of ZCubes to handle internet content and your resulting experiences, ZBrowser also provides you exceptional capability to handle URL patterns. What does that mean?

For example, say, you found a picture called
You can drag and drop this to the ZSpace. You notice that the URL ends in "Mrinal%20Shah_Collection-0.jpg", indicating you may be able to find many other pictures at the same site from Mrinal%20Shah_Collection-0.jpg to Mrinal%20Shah_Collection-9.jpg. However, you may not have direct access to the site to find all the other pictures.

You can do two things at this time.

(1) Alt+Left Mouse Button Click on the image can give you something called a URL tree. This shows the different paths that lead to this resource. You can actually find tons of other information at this site, but navigating to these sub urls (this works at most sites).

For example, for this image, it gives:

Walk the URL Tree at several folder levels on the server containing this resource.
Entire URL Tree for:

Folder Traversal:(Some URL's may not be valid)

Full Path :

You can click on any level to browse that folder, and discover more media.

(2) However, you already noticed the name of the picture to end in 0.jpg, which meant there could be many more pictures you may wish to view. You can use Loop Pattern technique for this. Give the lower number and the upper number (you can do this with dates, alphabets, etc. in an upcoming version) to loop between. You can then get a display of all the pictures (as in the picture above) you wanted to view. You can even create slide shows out of these pictures for your enjoyment.

URL Tree and Loop Pattern gives the opportunity for the users to see websites from angles that the original webpage creator could not have provided, benefiting both parties in terms of in-depth web experience (with little effort from the webpage creator). Features like this makes it possible for the users to navigate sites in ways that are impossible with any other browser.

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