Sunday, July 15, 2007

ZCubes lets you write right !

The omni-functional ZCubes platform allows users create unlimited webpages called experiences by integrating different types of content including websites, media, RSS feeds, games, gadgets, painting, handwriting, text and much more. This post discusses the capabilities of the platform to add Text and some of the new exciting features that have been added to add richer text.

ZCubes contains a fully functional text editor with extensive formatting and spell check capabilities. Users can select from an extensive selection of font types, sizes, decorations, colors and a lot more. To add text; simply create a new ZCube and double-click to start editing it. The screenshot below shows the ZCubes text editor in action.

We are really excited about recent enhancements to the ZCubes platform that allow users to add text in decorated and creative ZCubes in addition to the basic blank ZCube. The new ZCubes have been grouped into 3 categories (Basic, Creative, and Advanced). This post discusses the Creative ZCubes.

Creative ZCubes - These include a variety of creative ZCubes that allow the user to express the emotion/relevance/ utility behind the text in the ZCube. Examples of available ZCubes include "Love Notes", "Postcards", "Scrap", "Ruled Writing Paper" and much more. The user can select from the available styles and then add text while using the features of the text editor. Again, the idea is to allow users to express themselves using rich and relevant content, a core concept in the ZCubes philosophy. The different types of available Creative ZCubes are shown in the adjoining screenshot.

Some examples of Creative ZCubes (Postcard, Love Note, Writing Paper) are shown below:

Hope you find these Creative ZCubes fun and useful to express yourself better! We'd love to hear your feedback.