Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Easter Egg - #1

Here is an easter-egg for you in ZCubes.

Drag-Drop any picture from Google Image Search into ZSpace (press Alt-Key while dropping the picture), and it will become the page/ZSpace background. Similarly, you can Alt+Drag-Drop pictures into a ZCube to make it its background. If you drop it into an object within a painting, the picture will go inside the drawn object.

ZCubes also has the Inlay concept (a background for a section of ZSpace). Right click on ANY ZCube, and select Inlay to Background. You can select the number of tiles and press OK. The content will be repeted on the background. This will still be moveable to your desired location on the page. You can lock these in place by Fix Background Option in ZSpace Menu. Shift+Double click will extract an inlaid object.


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