Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Handwritten webpages

Why should webpages be just text and images? Is handwriting not the most natural way to communicate?

ZCubes gives you handwriting into the ZSpace (background) or inside any ZCube - supported with amazing picture drawing capability. What is the big deal with it?

1. No font requirement.
2. Instant natural expression.
3. Editable by the end user! Let the world create!
4. Write your stuff, and doodle or draw to any level of expertise.
5. Bring out the artist in you.
6. Sign your document.
7. No additional accessories required (no need for a tablet PC).
8. Whiteboard and blackboard modes. Change the color of the background to anything you want.

Of late, some painting tools are coming to the net. But most of them are not vector based. And even the ones there are, uses the Walter Zone library, that uses DIVs as the fundamental unit of pixel drawing (which is a very inefficient technique, though reasonably portable and simple). Some convert such drawings to PNG's also, like So many of the recent Web 2.0 sites have been adopting this technique.

Some issues with Ajax Based sites are:
1. Ajax can be slow and unscalable.
2. The ability to apply gradients, 3-D rotation, image mixing with paint objects, etc. are quite limited.
3. No clear strategy to a vector-based format for continuous editing capability.

A true SVG/VML (hybrid) based editor does not exist as yet, and ZCubes is the first in-depth and the most poweful VML editor on the web. With the SVG conversion module (that is almost ready to go), ZCubes is poised to be the most comprehensive and effective drawing/handwriting/expression tool on the web.

Cartoon drawn using ZCubes.
Click on the image to see the actual experience.

This is the picture of an experience (Click to load) that you can view/edit/modify. (Experiences can be edited by clicking on the Z on the left.)

Also coming soon: Recordable Scripts for Drawing and Creative Animations!

ZCubes enables free and seamless expressiveness on the Internet to a level unparalleled by any desktop or web software out there.


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