Monday, April 16, 2007

ZCubes Announces CuBee at Web 2.0 Expo

The ZCubes team (including CEO Joseph Pally) is at the big Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco (Booth 212) this week. The team is really excited to be there and hope to showcase the ZCubes platform to the numerous visitors. If you're planning to visit the expo, please take a moment to visit with us. We'd love to demo and discuss the features of the ZCubes platform with you. Another reason to be really excited is the big announcement from ZCubes today about the release of CuBee - the next generation in rich content e-mail and messaging.

With CuBee, users can send messages containing videos, pictures, animations, picture marquees, text, graphs, vector images, handwritten notes, or a combination thereof, to anyone with the click of a button. Further, CuBee messages can be sent as is or inside a digital envelope annotated with an emoticon to express the feelings of the sender and/or the content of the CuBee message. Based on the content, a CuBee can also be sent as Private or Public. Users can further enhance and personalize CuBee messages by dragging and dropping them on the ZSpace. Additionally, users can forward and reply to CuBee messages.

Again, we're really excited about the release of CuBee and hope it will be an exciting and fun tool for ZCubes users to quickly and easily share content online. We believe it will take online content sharing to a new level.