Thursday, February 08, 2007

ZPaint: CubiZm on the Web

One of the most powerful tools in the ZCubes platform is ZPaint. It provides a wide variety of tools to draw/paint/sketch directly inside the browser. The platform has an extensive menu of shapes and curves. The ZPaint utility is based on the vector-based graphics technology (VML-Vector Markup Language) that is natively supported by Internet Explorer (support for SVG compatible in Firefox is coming in the near future). Hence, there is no need to install any plug-ins or add-ins to use the tool.

The fact that ZPaint uses these vector based graphics provides immense advantages in terms of manipulation and reusability of the drawings. In other words, it is very easy to edit, group, resize, apply fill/stroke/shadow/3D effects and a lot more to the drawn objects. Also, once a user has created and published a drawing and provided sufficient access rights, other users can use all or part of that drawing as a starting point for creating further content. This is a huge advantages over other online paint applications that use Flash and thus make the drawings unuseable by others. Also, users can see the final creations instantaneously rather than waiting for them to be redrawn in real-time. The vector graphics also allow quick, easy and very rich rendering as the user creates the drawings.

Some of the killer features of ZPaint are:
  1. Support for Polylines and Bezier curves (including editing/reshaping)
  2. Fill pattern where any image can be used to fill the drawn shape
  3. Stroke Pattern where the drawing stroke can be a picture
  4. Word art where text can be written as any shape
  5. Extensive preset schemes collection (2D and 3D)
  6. Preset modes for Blackboard and Whiteboard

Users have been able to create very impressive and rich drawings/sketches/ cartoons using ZPaint. Some of the examples are shown below. Click on any of the images to load the actual ZCubes experience. You can edit the experience from the "Z" menu at the top-left corner.

So give ZPaint a try and bring out the hidden Picasso in you!

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