Sunday, October 28, 2007

Information Gatekeepers

Information should not be at the mercy of the illiterate, ill-informed, ill-mannered, uninformed, under-informed, unwilling-to-be-informed, and those who control such entities. The openness with which information can be accessed should be reflected in the breadth and depth of information. Otherwise, skewed information will be reflected as the Bible - and this can be seen in so many communities over the world today.

The wiki world has been peppered with such Information Gatekeepers who decide with arbitrariness what should be kept, and what should not be kept. Especially when policies are made to be politically correct, but with so much fuzziness, the flow of information is impeded. It is similar to a legalistic world where you should not do anything, and somehow should do everything - without offending anyone who intend to be offended by anything.

ZCubes is a world where it works differently. The openness we provide gives all the ability to express, when they want to express, and however they wish to express. Then give the control to the ones who experience to control information rather than a select few.

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