Tuesday, January 15, 2008

CALCI - The Calculation Powerhouse

ZCubes is the first comprehensive omni-functional platform. CALCI makes it fascinatingly big.


Because spreadsheets drive the world. And spreadsheets use technology that is almost 25 years old.

CALCI changes everything. It takes over the world of calculations and puts it into the most powerful authoring medium ever - the web.

The ocean of information called "the web" has never been so powerful. Now, with CALCI it will never be weaker than the desktop.

Digital life is not about organizing information. It is about achieving functions with the information.

ZCubes is the canvas and the calculation grid. With infinite possibilities. ZCubes is the ultimate authoring environment. And the most immersive platform to experience the world around you.

Do not get drowned in the chatter driving the micro-evolution called Web 2.0.

Welcome to the real and true revolution. Welcome to the next generation.