Monday, January 22, 2007

Nice Review on Profy

David Wilkinson at the excellent group blog recently posted a nice review of ZCubes. Thanks, David!

Without intentionally doing so, David highlights one of the major problems we face in the ongoing development of ZCubes. The platform itself is so flexible and the technology behind it so powerful that it is often quite difficult not only to explain but to prioritize which functionality to develop. We realize that we are not the first company to face this dilemma and really view it more as an opportunity than an obstacle. Still, though, ZCubes is still in the infancy of beta and, therefore, can be taken in so many different directions that it can be hard to decide which way to go.

We know some of the basic applications that we will undoubtedly continue to develop and fine tune. However, we are equally certain that we have not thought of everything. So, we are urgently soliciting user feedback. Where do you want to see ZCubes go? What would you like to use it for?

Please submit any ideas, comments, suggestions or "what ifs?" to us (via e-mail until we work out some kinks with our forum) so we can make ZCubes the best that it can possibly be!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Partnership between ZCubes and YubNub

ZCubes is very pleased to announce a partnership with YubNub, the popular site that allows users to browse the web using command-line entries (e.g. "am mark twain" for an Amazon search on "mark twain"). Read YubNub creator Jon Aquino's blog post about the background of YubNub here. Now, ZCubes users can enter any YubNub command-line into the ZCubes URL bar to see the results in the ZBrowser. This partnership fits very well into the ZCubes team's vision of providing tools for making web browsing easier and efficient as well as integrating "cool" web content into the ZCubes platform.
ZCubes users can access the YubNub commands list in the ZBrowser mode of the ZCubes platform. A shortcut on the top toolbar displays the full list of YubNub commands. Again, users can simply enter the command in the URL bar and open the command result in the ZBrowser or a MiniZ.
We are excited about our partnership with YubNub and look forward to providing our users with many more useful tools in the ZCubes platform through such partnerships in the future.